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Bio-communication device that use light frequencies.
Product Description

Biofoton benefits:

  • Holistic approach: mental, emotional and conscience levels.
  • The customer feels the immediate effect: peace and relaxation.
  • In the medium term, the customer will feel more well-being and will improve his quality of life because of the stress liberation. 


  • It works in your mobile phone or tablet. It can be used by Android, iPhone or iPad users.
  • Professional pocket device. The comfort of using it on the phone, and its reduced dimension allows to carry all the power of the Biofoton in the pocket and use it at home, in the mountain or wherever you go.
  • It’s very effective. The result is often felt immediately. It emits light frequencias that interact immediately with the organism. The Biofoton has a processer that allows to make a sine wave. These are the waves that the Nature creates with the day and night, or the moon phases. They are softer waves that the organism receives better and which have a bigger effect.
  • It’s wireless and portable. You don’t have to connect and disconnect the LED or laser. They go together and the own system knows which to use. 
  • It works with battery that has autonomy for several days and an uninterrupted operation of 8 hours. It includes a charger but it can be charged with any charger of an Android phone or with the computer’s USB. 

Included services:

  • Support service for the launch.
  • Technical after-sale service.
  • WhatsApp for protocols and cases.
  • E-learning platform.
  • Videos and personalized tutoring. 

* 2 year guarantee for the manufacturing defects


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Manufacturer BiocomLux
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