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Spike Lavender


10ml - 100% Pure Essential Oil - Certified Organic - Lavandula latifolia Medik.

Analgesic and soothing.

More Information

100% organic lavender essential oil (Lavandula latifolia Medik.).

Instructions/mode of use

Internal use: mix 2-3 drops with a little honey, molasses, brown sugar or olive oil 3 times a day.

External use: add 3-6 drops directly on the area 3 times a day for local conditions. Used a lot in beauty treatments due to its scarcity of allergic conditions. 

Presentation Drops.
Pathology Hypotension
System Circulatory and Cardiovascular System
Cantidad 10 ml.
Herbs/Components Lavender
Areas Man, Woman
Manufacturer Equisalud
Product Description

Obtained by steam distillation of flowering stems.

Analgesic and soothing, antispasmodic, muscle relaxant, antiseptic, bactericidal, expectorant, cholagogue and choleretic, antirheumatic, increases gastric secretion and intestinal motility, anti-migraine, vermifuge, emmenagogue. It is hypotensive.

Chemotypes tested for in this Spike Lavender essential oil: Cineole and Camphor.