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10ml - 100% Pure Essential Oil - Certified Organic - Citrus limon (L.) Burm.f.

Antiseptic, bactericidal, activator of leukocytes, refreshing, etc.

More Information

100% organic lemon essential oil (Citrus limon (L.) Burm.f.).

Instructions/mode of use

Internal use: Take 2 or 3 drops mixed with a little honey, molasses, brown sugar or olive oil. Two or three times a day.

External use: Apply 2 drops of Bio Essential Oil Lemon and 2 drops of vegetable oil on the area of the skin to be treated, 2 times a day.


10ml glass bottle with dropper.

Pathology Headaches / Migraines
System Central Nervous System
Cantidad 10 ml.
Herbs/Components Lemon
Areas Man, Woman
Manufacturer Equisalud
Product Description

Organic and chemotyped essential oil, 100% pure and natural, obtained by cold-pressing the fresh bark of the fruit.

Antiseptic, bactericidal, activator of leukocytes, refreshing, febrifuge, tonic of the nervous system, cardiac tonic, diuretic, antirheumatic, antigotoso, venous tonic, blood thinner, hypotensive, depurative, vermifuge. In external use it is healing, antipruritic, removes moths and ants. It is cytophilic (cell stimulant). In migraines, warts, herpes, boils, wounds, stings, ringworm, sensitive feet, sinusitis, thrush.

It is indicated in cases of infections, asthenia, lack of appetite, rheumatism, urinary and biliary lithiasis, gastric acidity, gastric ulcers, dyspepsia, varicose veins, phlebitis, blood hyperviscosity, obesity, hypertension, hepatic and pancreatic insufficiency, hemorrhages (epistaxis, gastrorrhagia), intestinal parasites.

Chemotype tested for in this Lemon essential oil: Limonene.